Evisible help acclaimed artist improve Visibility

When our friends at The Tin came to us with a request to help promote a new charity venture from acclaimed artist Marc Quinn we were happy to help… Bloodcube is a public artwork that seeks to bring awareness of the difficulties facing human beings fleeing violence and repression from around the world and raise

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GDPR – Are you ready?

GDPR? The Grateful Dead Peace Revolution? I hear you ask.  No, not that, this GDPR is the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation. It comes in to force in May this Year and even though in the UK we will (Probably) be on the very eve of Brexiting the EU, these new laws around data protection

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Google 6 second Mobile Search Game Changer

TechCrunch are reporting news that Google are now featuring 6 second previews of Video Content at the top of Search results. This is a major game changer for organisations that rely on 1st page visibility on the Big G.  Search savvy companies will need to focus more on video content generally now, so good news for

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