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Email Newsletter Overhaul

New responsive HTML email strategy for Gamble and Gunn

When our long standing client Gamble and Gunn asked us to help them improve their email marketing we knew it was an important brief.  Our client has grown significantly over the last few years and online channels have become significant part of that growth.

The functionality of an email newsletter was built in to their website already, but they needed help to optimise the platform, content and broadcast policies, in order to keep their growing customer base up to date on news and offers.

We made the following changes;

  • Introduced a validation and confirmation strategy to ensure best practice list management
  • Updated the HTML template to improve the graphic look and readability of the email
  • Introduced a personalised, conversational style to the copy
  • Changed the broadcast date and developed a content calendar around seasonal ranges and activities

Along with other tactics we have been able to deliver;

  • Almost doubling the number of validated email newsletter subscribers
  • Significantly improved open rates
  • Significantly improved click through rates
  • Significant growth in number of hat sales derived from the email newsletter

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