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Understanding how search engines work

The Aim of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation seeks to increase the visibility of web sites in search engine rankings against relevant key terms and enhance a site’s value to visitors through topical page design, consistent coding, focusing content on core keywords and building links and relationships with other ‘relevant’ web sites.

Ultimately Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is about increasing targeted traffic to your web site. This is achieved by identifying specific keyword phrases related to your business, and ensuring that the content and structure of your web site and it’s relationships with other websites, work towards improving its rank on popular search engines, when those phrases are searched by search engine users…

Successful optimisation for search engines unarguably provides considerable competitive advantage, by positioning your business ahead of your competition in a place that is central to the decision making process of your customers.

How search engines work

Search engines use software called ‘spiders’ to search the internet and index information from websites, by following the links through a website and from one website to another.

When a user searches for a particular key phrase or word, search engines will deploy complex algorithms that determine the relevancy of the content held in these indexes, against the search criteria entered by the search engine user.

By implementing best practice throughout a web site, and correctly configuring related settings, search engines can index pages successfully.

Relevance and popularity – the fundamentals of SEO

Including relevant content (i.e. key words) within web documents, as well as using correctly structured code and document mark-up increases the relevancy of a web site when measured against the keywords used in a search term.

Search engines give a greater weighting or importance to web sites which have inbound links from popular, credible, trustworthy sources. By establishing links to these sources, search engines will give greater weight to your web site.

Developing a winning search engine optimisation strategy

As professional SEO analysts, Evisible can help your company build a comprehensive SEO strategy based on best practice.  Providing recommendations for content updates, good code structure, broadly accessible pages and page content, keyword planning and ongoing key phrase rank analysis, we are dedicated to adopting a ‘best practice’ approach.

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