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Digital Inventory Management

How healthy are your digital assets?  Is your Digital house in order??…

When does your domain name expire?  Where is it even registered??

Which version of your website CMS are you running and are your plugins up to date?

Is your site secure? When does your SSL certificate expire?

Who has access?… To what??

As digital inventories grow, online businesses are increasingly asking these questions and when they can’t answer them they risk disastrous consequences…

These are all things that every site owner should know, however it’s not always that easy; when dealing with legacy systems and processes or just everyday staff churn, organisations can easily loose track of where the health of their web properties is really at.

Apart from the risks to business processes and data, losing track of what services and accounts your business uses can result in a huge amount of wasted revenue. For example where contracts and services are effectively obsolete but are still being paid for.

Fear not, we are experts in forensic analysis of digital environments and can unpick even the most tangled webs of hosting packages, DNS settings and domain management.

Talk to us about managing your digital assets, so you can focus on delivering great products and services…