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Tracking, Data and Analysis

Digital Marketing thrives on data; for a website, knowing where your visitors come from, how they behave and what they want is critical to successfully turning visitors in to customers.

Measuring Success

Success is ultimately measured through the filter of Performance data, from granular channel data to top line revenue reporting, the way we collect, analyse and act upon data is central to understanding where we are in achieving our business goals and how we create strategies to surpass existing targets and identify new ones.

Evisible deploy a myriad of different tools to constantly measure, benchmark and optimise the performance of our Campaigns.

From Google Analytics, Adobe or Yahoo Web Analytics to Proprietary page content analysers, UX tools and Search Engine Rank reporting, we identify the critical performance indicators for your business.

We structure our data reporting behind regimented collection and broad comparative benchmarking and present your data and our findings in a format that cuts through jargon and endless numbers to offer clarity on ROI and decisive strategy to achieve sustainable success.