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Getting more from Google

Google Tools and app integration More than key terms

Beyond the way we use search engines to research our next purchase, the innovation of Google’s ever growing range of tools has transformed the way we search for information online and the way present content on websites.

We now use Google’s tools to discover and explore the environment around us, organise our calendars and collaborate on work projects, share and watch video and with Android, talk to each other over mobile networks.

From basic Search to Google Earth and Maps, Google Shop to YouTube, most frequently a search online for a place, person, song, video, book or product is a search made on Google.

You can even manage the various disparate application tags that are central to offering enhanced web services through Google Tag Manager.

Alongside our Organic Search Optimisation and Google Adwords studio, we also offer guidance, implementation and management of…

Google Analytics

Google Tag Manager 

Google Search Console

Google Optimize

Google Business Suite

Google Maps

Google Play Store 


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