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The Google way to blackout your site…

With the impending SOPA circus coming to a head, Google has issued guidelines on how to minimise any potential lasting hang over caused by temporarily closing down your site, removing or changing page content as a protest… Beyond the agitating the advice could be applied in different circumstances where content is temporarily changed or removed…
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Moore to the law…

Article from Nature – Research into the conductivity of Nano-scale electrical components promises the continuation of Moore’s Law with even smaller processors. Read the article Back to blog / Back to Evisible

The Internet Vs the Un-Internet

Wired’s Dave Winer AKA Web Monkey, muses on the life cycle of technology adoption and the battle for control between legislators / gatekeepers, innovators and user communities, can you guess who always wins?… Read the article… Back to blog / Back to Evisible

So what’s your mobile strategy in 2012?…

Sales of iOS and Android enabled mobile devices are up massively on Christmas 2010.  So with mobile access to 3.7 million more potential customers, what’s your mobile strategy in 2012? Let Evisible help you make it a winning one. Article from T3 Back to blog / Back to Evisible  

Bye Bye Flash…

Difficult to see how Flash can remain relevant to any platform without mobile support… Article from Wired detailing the demise of the platform that brought motion to the web… Read the Article Back to blog / Back to Evisible

Does Google like it when you SEO your Site?

From the horses mouth… Matt Cutts’ presentation on Google’s attitude to SEO… Back to blog / Back to Evisible

‘Instant’ food for thought

Impact of Google’s shiny new ‘Instant’ SERPs on SEO and ‘Key Term Matching’ strategies for Adwords.

5 can’t-miss SEO trends

Search is what you want right now. Search is watching, listening, and talking. Search isn’t just for text anymore; keeping an eye on the latest trends in this ever-changing field (and truly understanding those trends) is your key to the intent-driving kingdom.

7 questions to ask your web designer

Websites are not primarily about how beautiful they are or how well they express branding elements — they are about effectively communicating content.

Argument for Outsourcing SEO

A leading storage company with an established in house web strategy finally gave up on developing SEO campaigns in favour of an outsourced serviced provider