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Unpicking and re-stitching data:

Or, re-building a creaking data stack with GA and GTM…

Our client, a leading international business who should remain anonymous, was about to be divested from its long-standing parent company.

Over the many years our client had been part of a larger global corporation, with purchasing decisions and data policies often made for the whole organisation.

The transition to digital

During this time their business transitioned from being a predominantly print media company, to a mainly digital one.

As the digital business grew so did the importance of accurately measuring online activity and customer engagement with it’s websites and other online assets.

This required an ever more sophisticated and diverse analytics stack. Specifically, one that was distributed and integrated widely across the parent organisation.

Our brief

When time came for our client to begin their journey outside of their parent company, they asked Evisible to help them unpick the elements of the broader data technology stack that were relevant to their part of the organisation. Our role was in short to bring their now autonomous data collection up to the level necessary for running a modern online business.

Under the bonnet

As with many older, large organisations that evolved a digital business rapidly from a paper one, some of the resources and tracking tools adopted over the years had become neglected, or even just forgotten about. Whilst in many cases they were collecting valuable data, unfortunately no one was looking at what was going on under the bonnet.
The available data was often either misleading, incorrectly interpreted, or just wrong. This was because legacy policies and scripts associated with the existing tools had not been updated, or had been poorly implemented in the first place.

Rebuilding and repurposing tracking resources

Often analytics projects and applications out lived the teams that built them, account holders and gate keepers simply moved on within the parent company or even left the business altogether. This led to plethora of ghost accounts and duplicated scripts.

Our role was to unpick the various analytics platforms, properties, and data silos that had developed over the preceding years, in order to rebuild and repurpose their whole marketing analytics stack.

Importantly we also needed to form a credible, easy to understand management reporting template, and upskill the inhouse marketing team on the continued upkeep of their data systems.

Integrating GA and GTM with HubSpot

Using Google Analytics (GA) for data collection, Google Tag Manager (GTM) for script management, integrated with HubSpot and other analytics, data visualisation and CRM tools, we helped to build a robust, accurate and sustainable data management, and analysis environment. One with granular visibility and providing a clear performance picture across the business.
This project began in early 2020 and now the client enjoys and continues to build upon a reliable and sustainable reporting suite, that stretches back beyond the divestment of the business from the parent company.

A/B and Multivariant testing

Reporting tools and applications provide a wealth comparative data and detailed insight into the performance of the online business as a whole. But, with the addition of A/B and Multivariant functionality our client also now has the ability to regularly and easily test the effectiveness of new content and design changes for everything from page layouts to form CTAs.

The halo effect of good data collection

Incidentally this new transparent analytics stack, had the halo effect of being able to clearly demonstrate the benefits of the broader marketing technology support we also provide including; SEO, PPC, ABM, Digital Advertising campaign management and UX and accessibility consultancy.

How this experience helps your business

We know that the circumstances outlined above are not uncommon in many organisations, if you recognise these issues within your own organisation, get in touch and let Evisible help you to resolve them.

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