Yoast is Toast?…

Having moved one of our domains entirely to WordPress, we have recently spent some time at Evisible Towers assessing SEO plugins. Essentially our experiment was to decide whether the ubiquitous ‘Yoast’ or the old faithful ‘All in One SEO toolkit’ plugins best suited our needs.  We leaned a lot about the differences between the two,

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Google Analytics User Explorer – a privacy conflict?

Google recently updated its Google Analytics platform with a new ‘User Explorer‘ feature. Available under the ‘Audiences’ tab, the feature provides individual session data apparently anonymised by the use of a Google assigned session ID. However, particularly where e-commerce tracking is available it seems possible to cross reference transaction data with the anonymous session id.

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Time to clean up that Murky past?

No more trawling whois to clean up inbound links, Google create a tool the allows you to disavow all those link farm skeletons from your inbound link profile’s murky past.   Back to blog / Back to Evisible