Google’s amazing new translation tool invents own language

The amazing story of how Google’s Neural Machine Translation system (GNMT) invented its own language, in a matter of Weeks and without the intervention of human engineers, to help itself better translate from one human language to another… This is awesome stuff…  read the article  

Get to know the GDPR

GDPR? The Grateful Dead Peace Revolution? I hear you ask.  No, not that, this GDPR is the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation. It comes in to force in 2018 and even though in the UK we will (Probably) be on the very eve of Brexiting the EU, their new laws around data protection will have

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Yoast is Toast?…

Having moved one of our domains entirely to WordPress, we have recently spent some time at Evisible Towers assessing SEO plugins. Essentially our experiment was to decide whether the ubiquitous ‘Yoast’ or the old faithful ‘All in One SEO toolkit’ plugins best suited our needs.  We leaned a lot about the differences between the two,

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