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Tag: Search Marketing

Typosquater’s rights

Harvard research shows that Google and opportunist website owners are generating significant revenues from so-called ‘Typo-squating’ of mis-spelt domain names.

Argument for Outsourcing SEO

A leading storage company with an established in house web strategy finally gave up on developing SEO campaigns in favour of an outsourced serviced provider

Yahoo plays catch up

Yahoo announce streamlined Mail and enhanced search

Beyond Google

Although Google is by far the biggest and fastest beast in the paddock, search is evolving.

Google to update algorithm… again!

It’s that time of year again, this article claims an ‘exclusive’ on the news that Google is finally bearing down on the ‘Black Hat’ community by updating its omnipitant algorithm to weed out sites that rely on spurious back links to attain high rank on the big G. (Gasp) Really not sure this is news…
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