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Google to update algorithm… again!

It’s that time of year again, this article claims an ‘exclusive’ on the news that Google is finally bearing down on the ‘Black Hat’ community by updating its omnipitant algorithm to weed out sites that rely on spurious back links to attain high rank on the big G. (Gasp)

Really not sure this is news as what makes Google so successful has always been its focus on evolving its search technology to consistantly remain relevant and so return the most accurate results to its users. So updates are not uncommon and likewise all search engines including Google still return a proportion of spam results because spammers also update the way they spam in response.

Although they state the obvious, I’ve come to welcome these stories not just because they endorse a best practice approach to SEO but because they remind you of the need to keep up and keep looking over your shoulder!

Article from Webpro News

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