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Typosquater’s rights

Harvard research shows that Google and opportunist website owners are generating significant revenues from so-called ‘Typo-squating’ of mis-spelt domain names.

Yahoo plays catch up

Yahoo announce streamlined Mail and enhanced search

Global Top 10 Search terms by sector August 09

Top 10 Search terms for August 2009

Google apps developed especially for Portsmouth University

Portsmouth University is expanding its dedicated webmail service by partnering with Google to provide a suite of Google apps including the popular word processor and spreadsheet applications ad free, to students at the South Coast University. Is this a sign of Google driving uptake of its ‘Office’ competitor through academic communities, after all, it is…
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Beyond Google

Although Google is by far the biggest and fastest beast in the paddock, search is evolving.

Data Centres at Dawn

Google and Microsoft duel over infrastructure during user meeting Article from the Register Back to blog / Back to Evisible