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These pages are here to keep you up to date with developments in the world of evisible, you will find all of the usual news about us but also we hope it provides a platform to share information, articles and opinions with you and any body else who’s interested in our take on all kinds of on-line media.

This is the official blog of Evisible Integrated Media.

This is a colaborative forum and a enjoys the partisipation of of a variety of contributers.

As such Evisible integrated media can accept no responsibility or liability for any aspect of the content of or for the opinions expressed within the articles or any of the outbound links from any posts.

We hope that it provides a useful resource and are keen to attract contributions, comment and discussion, however we ask contributers to respect the rights of other users and the community as a whole and we reserve the right to block any user for any reason and to report any illeagal activity to the appropriate authorities.

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