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Search engine optimisation - The Evisible approach

Evisible's SEO service is based on - what is known as organic SEO - focusing on 7 over arching fundamentals of effective web site management that build a search engine presence through commonly accepted best practice.

Taking a comprehensive and an ethical approach to improving search engine rank for our clients web sites against a wide range of important strategic key terms most commonly searched by their customers.

Our SEO recommendations are highly researched and tailored to the specific competitive environment of our clients activity.

A typical Evisible SEO project is no one hit wonder, our strategies are designed to deliver significant but also sustainable improvement in search engine rank over the long term, which translates significant and sustainable growth in targeted visitors and as such genuine return on investment, measured by ongoing and comprehensive benchmarking and competitive analysis.

The 7 fundamentals of SEO strategy:

  • Fresh and relevant content
  • Strategic use of keywords
  • Structured, valid code behind the pages
  • Frequent and comprehensive monitoring
  • Detailed competitive analysis
  • Relevant high quality back links and directory listings
  • Structured and up to date site mapping

What Evisible avoid in their SEO approach:

The following methods are considered as 'bad practice' sometimes referred to as 'black hat' SEO- while some of these practices may deliver improved search engine rankings in the short term, over the long term these methods could result in web sites being suspended or permanently excluded from search engine results:

  • Doorway pages
  • Page redirects
  • Duplicate content
  • Link farms
  • Cloaking
  • URL spamming
  • Mirrored web sites
  • Automated submissions
  • URL redirects
  • Key phrase spamming
  • Hidden text
  • Repetitive submissions

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